What we do

NFTs 4 Charity is dedicated to making the NFT donor process accessible and simple for you and your donors.

We are your Guide

Work with us to learn how to leverage this exciting space together. If you are new to Crypto and NFTs, contact us for a one on one webinar on NFT, Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Basics.

Stand Out

With so many charities competing for currency, give donors a New and Exciting Way to Contribute!

Create Buzz

By being on the forefront of offering NFTs for auction and sale your charity will have a lot to share on social media and in the press.

Meet the Founders!

Gerry Barker
Gerry Barker is passionate about collectables and art with over 80,000 collectables under stewardship. A respected business leader and philanthropist, Gerry had the vision to create NFTs 4 Charities.
Lisa Fosdick
Lisa Fosdick is an early adopter of Crypto Currency and Blockchain, a serial volunteer and business leader, her career continues to find her on the forefront of transforming traditional business models.

Gerry and Lisa joined forces to transform charitable giving by being a guide to charities to leverage NFTs for fundraising.